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Thought Virus Review
Thought Virus
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'Thought provoking and often moving....'
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Peter is a singer, dancer and actor, now mainly concentrating on writing & directing.



As a writer, he has had success with his plays, including  'The Angina Monologues' (with productions staged in Spain and Australia, as well as various theatre companies in the UK from 2005 to 2022)

“spirited show..........."


"impressive power with words.”

​The Stage


’The Next Room’ - a story of two siblings coming to terms with the death of their mother, premiered in 2012.

"beautifully written........."

"an incredible atmosphere that was intense and powerful......."

"an almost cathartic experience .........."

"intriguing story, unexpected twists"

Peter is a regular director for Michael Wheatley-Ward at The Sarah Thorne Theatre and is resident Director for East Coast Theatre Company, most recently staging a Stephen Sondheim Concert and a compilation show 'Romancing The Stage.'



Writing - Peter’s latest work 'Thought Virus' is based on a true story of a Uyghur Muslim, his family and their struggles in modern day Communist China.  The original music is by Jacob Bride and Mert Degirmendereli.

In June 2022, the play had an initial read through with students at the Arts Educational School, followed by a Spotlight Cast read through at The Seven Dials Playhouse in October 2022.
The world premiere was at London's Dr
ayton Arms Theatre in September 2023,

directed by Jason Moore. The run sold out.

For further information, go to or e-mail



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